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Shopping fundraiser set for September 24
Kendra Martin named Executive Director

COMPASSION '16 is being rescheduled
COMPASSION '16 focuses on "synergy"

Kendra Martin named interim executive director

Jan Hayes steps down as executive director

Duke Energy awards grant to United Way upgrades and expands

United Way offers new prescription discount card

United Way announces new partner agencies

Martin named Community Engagement Director

CALL TO ACTION: Charitable tax deductions

Free grant-writing workshops return

Read, You Read mentors needed for July
Super Summer Reading announced

Free cards save money on prescriptions

New college scholarships announced

Lee County 211 database being updated

Free grant-writing workshop in April

TAKE 5: CharityTracker

COMPASSION '15 helps nonprofits make impact

'I Read, You Read' mentors needed

TAKE 5: The Great Grocery Can-paign

'I Read, You Read' offers practice and more

Free fair admission Sept. 14 with food donation
T-shirts welcome students to Class of 2026

United Way accepting funding requests

Great Grocery Can-paign returns this month

Free fair admission Sept. 15 with food donation

Free prescription discount cards available

CUOC, Southern Lee win Volunteer Lee contest

COMPASSION '13 focuses on nonprofit leadership

TAKE 5: 2-1-1 information and referral service
Hope when you need it most (NC United Way)

Prizes kick off new site

Massive food drive slated for next week

Free fair admission Sept. 16 with food donation

COMPASSION '12 helps people escape poverty

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More Than a Bookstore  (2.6M PDF)
Carolina Trace Sets the Pace
  (2.3M PDF)
Irene Shows Them the Money
  (1.7M PDF)
Even More Receive Holiday Joy
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No issue was published for Fall 2014

'I Read, You Read' Is a Big Hit
  (1.7M PDF)
Salvation Army Marches Ahead
  (1.7M PDF)
Companies Are a Real Asset
  (1.9M PDF)
Mobile Dental Clinic a Blessing
  (1.7M PDF)
Grocery Can-paign Returns!
  (1.5M PDF)
Welcome to the Class of 2025
  (1.7M PDF)
Making Nonprofits Successful
  (1.4M PDF)
Refilling our Food Pantries
  (1.8M PDF)
Free Fair Admission for Food
  (1.6M PDF)
Family Gets On Its Feet Again
  (1.5M PDF)
Escape From Poverty
  (1.4M PDF)
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Changing lives for the better: Boys & Girls Clubs
Last year's good news you may have missed
Year-end giving is a thing; make the most of it
Books at a Steal celebrates fifth anniversary

Why is "overhead" overrated?
In this United Way campaign, every dollar counts

'I Read, You Read' is a success and an example
What is happening with charitable giving?

Report shows Lee has work to do
Family Promise shows we can help poverty
BackPack Pals and the problem of poverty

Smart Donor: Making a difference

Quiet happenings making us stronger

Four 2014 stories we hope you didn't miss

What's the deal with year-end giving?

Nonprofits get their day
Contributions are getting stronger
You make great things happen!
Free admission and essential help

Think before you believe

In fundraising, the action is online

Get involved with the Day of Action

Contributions beneficial all year long
Volunteers are both important and vaulable
What's the future of charitable giving?

Kettle ringers show joy of volunteering

Don't ignore this year's good news!

It's time to reflect on our blessings

Be part of the campaign and the change

Free fair admission kicks off food drive

Education is a crisis we can solve
Making the most of summer vacation
PK-14 reflects need for a college education

Boston donations show need for caution

COMPASSION '13: help for nonprofits

United Way a "top five" charity in Forbes
What to do about teen pregnancy?

What is your resolution?

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CharityTracker™ online service coordination
TAKE 5: CharityTracker
CharityTracker™ application to be listed

CharityTracker™ terms for participation
About the United Way, reports and documents

COMPASSION '16 flyer   (253K PDF hi-res)
Lee Regional Fair Food Drive poster
   (111K PDF hi-res)
UW of Lee County '15 agency listing card   (71K PDF hi-res)
NC Child: How Healthy Are Lee Children?
   (627K PDF)
UW of Lee County '15 brochure
   (1.7M PDF hi-res)
UW of Lee County '15 brochure en español   (1.7M PDF hi-res)
UW of Lee County '15 poster   (3.8 MB PDF)

UW of Lee County '15 poster en español   (3.8 MB PDF)
Volunteering is Vital scholarship application   (207K PDF doc)
Volunteering is Vital scholarship application
   (63K Word doc)
UW of Lee County '14 brochure   (634K PDF low-res)

UW of Lee County '14 brochure   (2.6M PDF hi-res)
UW of Lee County '14 brochure en español   (690K PDF low-res)
UW of Lee County '14 brochure en español   (2.6M PDF hi-res)

UW of Lee County '14 campaign poster   (1.6 MB PDF)
UW of Lee County '14 campaign poster en español   (1.6 MB PDF)

Power of the Dollar rack card   (165K PDF)
Power of the Dollar rack card en español   (147K PDF) bulletin insert color   (91K PDF) bulletin insert color 2up   (102K PDF) bulletin insert b&w   (90K PDF) bulletin insert b&w  2up   (106K PDF)

NC 211 Overview on YouTube   (0:30 video) Poster   (83K PDF) Poster en español   (73K PDF)
UW Campaign Church Bulletin   (309K PDF)
UW Campaign Church Bulletin 2up   (574K PDF)

UW This Year '11   (617K PDF, annual report)
UW This Year '10   (712K PDF, annual report)
UW This Year '09   (505K PDF, annual report)
UW This Year '08   (860K PDF, annual report)
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United Way of Lee County radio spots
We Never Take Your Generosity for Granted 1   (597K MP3)
We Never Take Your Generosity for Granted 2   (545K MP3)
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